Purchase Order Updates:

1. Purchase Order Confirm Changes: User can’t confirm Purchase Order, until the exchange rate and prices in the order are entered.

2. Receiving History: We have added “Show receiving history” button to “Receiving” section. By clicking on it you can view the receiving history in Purchase Order. Now you can track all details on your consignments, including their type, delivery order, and delivery time.

3. Updated Delivery Statuses: For your convenience, we have added new statuses that will help you track the delivery stage of your Purchase Order – it will be easy to determine whether the order is sent to the supplier and whether he has got it.

Pay Request Updates:

1. Payment status for each order: Every purchasing manager from time to time faces the need to control accounts payable procedure. Precoro greatly simplifies this process: we have added a payment status for each Purchase Order. Now you are able to track whether your Pay Request is already approved or paid. What’s great is that now you don’t need the accountant’s or CFO’s help for that.

2. Pay Request confirmation: For accountant to pay the bills, the supplier has to provide the approval from the head of the purchasing department and/or CFO. Usually, this procedure is done by collecting signatures on paper original counting mode. The following process is complicated enough — it can take several days and often leads to delays. Precoro team solved this problem by implementing Online Pay Request option: every company can customize its own accounts approval sequences. Now you won’t waste your time collecting signatures and approving bills on the move. This will significantly save your time and nerves as well.

“Smart Budget”:

1. Purchase Order Control: Most companies often face the following problem: at the end of the month, when creating reports, it appears that the monthly purchases budget exceeds the limits. However, as company realizes it too late, they don’t have time to provide the means to pay, or in a wrong manner plan the budget for the next month. To resolve this issue we have added the ability to track the company’s budgets online in each Purchase Order. When creating or approving Purchase Orders, you can see that the order is made within the monthly budget, and the budget doesn’t exceed the limits.

2. Budgeting in the context of suppliers, product categories and costs: When collecting procurement data, the hardest thing is to understand how much money is spent on suppliers, as well as to determine cost categories and product categories. Now you can track these indicators at any time – your budget always includes the real costs.

Document Language Settings: Now documents from “Purchase Request” and “Receive” sections are available in the following languages: English, Russian, and Ukrainian. You can choose the main language for document download and, if there is a need (for example, you need to download Purchase Order for foreign supplier in English), you can download the document in any of the available languages.