We are happy to present the latest Precoro’s updates which will help you to make use of the product handier.

So, we are starting to introduce new features that are already available to our users:

Editable PR/PO/RR

Sometimes a request/order can’t be approved because of any reason. Now you have no need to cancel it immediately. You can send to edit to the Initiator. They will be notified that a request/order need corrections. The Initiator can make changes at Precoro and send the request/order for approval again.

Precoro edit purchase request

Bundle Products

The feature allows you to speed up the ordering process in situations like these:

  • New employees will come soon, and they have to have everything needed for work. Create a Bundle products which include a chair, a table and stationery goods. Everytime add this bundle to a request/order by one click.

  • To open each new store you need to buy a particular list of goods: furniture, lighting, household goods, signboards, clothes for employees. Сreate a Bundle with them and add needed products to orders by one click to simplify your work.

  • You need to order a particular set and a particular number of raw materials. Make a Bundle products with them. When you receive a new order you just add them to your purchase request. Each component will be added to the request in the quantity you need.

  • When you organize an event do you order the same set of products for banquet every time? Customize the Bundle products for a banquet once and don’t worry that you can forget something to order any more.

Precoro bundle products

Similar products

There are situations when the supplier can’t deliver the necessary goods in time. Hedge you and always have several alternative suppliers. Create lists of interchangeable goods and send the order to the supplier who can deliver these goods in time.

And if you don’t need to order products from one supplier and the price is so important you can compare prices with the Similar Products feature.

precoro similar products


Add photos from a smartphone

Now you can add photos directly from your smartphone or tablet. To do this, just click “Add document” button and select a photo or take new.

  Precoro Add document   Precoro Add Photo


Notify warehouse when the order should be delivered

After sending the order to the supplier you can immediately send the Packing Slip to the warehouse employees. They will have time to prepare for goods’ receipt: to plan their working hours, to prepare a parking and a place in the warehouse. Also, there will be a ready check-list to receive delivery. This feature will help to speed up the process of receiving goods, as well as controlling suppliers.

Precoro packing slip

Procure smarter