Precoro team have done a good job, and now we are happy to present the new features of the product. All of them are available to use for our clients, that will continue to streamline their procurement process.

1. Request for proposal (RFP)  

  • Request for Proposals is sent to suppliers to find out the prices and choose the best proposal to purchase. Very useful function for situations where:

  • The company uses two or more suppliers to purchase goods and always makes a decision depends on a price offer.

  • Suppliers change prices very often or the price depends on the number of goods in the supply. Before each purchase a procurement manager needs to find out the price.

  • You don’t sign a contract with some suppliers and prices are not fixed anywhere. To purchase according to the company’s rules it is necessary to receive the suppliers’ offer and select the best price.

How it works at Precoro now?

  • You can create a Request for Proposals from Purchase Orders. You may include a few PO to one RFP.

  • You can add an unlimited number of suppliers to each Purchase Order.

  • After filling in all the needed information to RFP and approval it will be sent to each supplier you’ve selected.

  • Each supplier will have a unique link. By following this link suppliers can fill in their proposals.

  • When a vendor sends a proposal, it becomes available for viewing on the request page.

  • Based on the number of products in the request, the planned amount of the future purchase will be calculated for each supplier.

  • When one of the suppliers submits their offer, it becomes available to select the winner.

  • When the winner is chosen, all information, including codes, titles, prices, will be pulled up to all requests that participated in RFP. The procurement department will be able to create an order with the actual prices that the supplier provided.



What improvements are planned in the next 4 weeks:

  • Approval workflow for Request for Proposals;

  • Ability to add suppliers who are not included in suppliers’ catalog to the list of participants of RFP;

  • The currency choosing in which suppliers must specify their prices;

  • Ability to add additional information – the conditions which must be considered by suppliers while making their proposals;

  • Notification to the initiator of RFP that one of the suppliers provided prices;

  • Additional text fields which supplier must fill in when sending the proposal.

Follow the link to get the detailed guide to setup RFP at Precoro.

2. Automated sending Purchase Orders to the supplier’s email

This feature is used the Purchase Order is ready to send to supplier immediately after approving and you have no reason to remember to click Send button each time.

How it works at Precoro:

  • Configure the supplier card by activating automatic sending and adding contact information. It can be done by a user with access to the suppliers’ management of suppliers.

  • Configure this feature for each supplier separately, because there may be suppliers who don’t need to send the order immediately, and, for example, it is necessary to add the comment or the exchange rate before sending.

  • The last approver will see the notification that the Purchase order will be sent to supplier immediately after his approving

  • After approval, an email with details of the purchase order will be immediately sent to the supplier and the status of this order will be changed to “Sent”.

PO sending without click-Precoro

3. Purchase Request creation without SKU

Requests without SKU is used in situations where:

  • The purchase request is created for the new product, it is not always possible to know the SKU of a product/service and you can only find out it by contacting the supplier.

  • Purchase Request will be sent to a supplier as an RFP and each supplier will show their own codes.

  • Initiators don’t have to think that the effective procurement process uses product codes provided by the supplier.

How it works at Precoro:

  • At the Basic Information part in the Request tab you can uncheck the item “Show SKU”;

  • There won’t be the SKU field in Requests. But if the products are added from the catalog their SKUs will be shown in Purchase Order. SKU is required to form the PO.

Purchase request without SKU-Precoro

4. New payment button

Now payments by card are more likely to be accepted since earlier payments by international payment cards didn’t be accepted. The reason for this is the LIQPAY limitation, which it imposes on each payment. The payment method was replaced to Fondy, where the payment acceptance limits are not so strong.


5. Improved pages view for 11-13’ screens

The mapping of tables was optimized to reduce the likelihood of a horizontal scroll on screens 11-13 ‘.

Gradually the horizontal scrolling will be removed for all sizes of screens.

If you also want to try new functionality at work request a free trial of Precoro right now!