We are constantly working on improving your experience with Precoro and the process of procurement generally. Starting today, Precoro users around the world will be able to access visual analytics on the cost-centers, advanced Request for Proposal (RFP) functionality and mass creation of budgets for multiple locations.

Cost-centers analytics in Purchase Requests

This feature is used when:

  • Requests that are collected for a particular period and get approved all at once. To make a decision the approver needs to see the sum of requests by particular locations assigned to the cost-centers. Remember that company’s cost-centers are could be categories of goods, chart of accounts or categories of purchases.

  • Before approving the requests, the responsible person for purchasing needs to add a budget for the purchase, which is allocated for specific locations. In this case the analytics is irreplaceable.

  • At the end of the month you could need a quick report based on the purchases of locations.

How it works at Precoro:

  • On Purchase Request page click Request Analytics button

  • Select the period you need, specify requests’ statuses which you want to include in report and choose the location (if needed).

  • Click Filter

  • Next you will see a table with data about the requests of your locations with the distribution to all used cost-centers separately.

Request for Proposal (RFP)  need to be activated in settings

Now you can create requests for proposals without requests for purchase.

This feature is used when:

  • The procurement process does not always begin with a request. For example, if it is the procurement of components for the customer order or buyer is the initiator of the purchase.

How it works in Precoro:

  • First you need to activate the function by going to Configuration -> Basic settings -> Requisition, tick “Request for Proposal” checkbox and click “Update”

  • After refresh, “Request for Proposals” section appears in the main menu, where the person responsible for purchase can create a request, add goods that require prices, add suppliers to the request and send it out.

  • Supplier will receive an email with link to a special form to fill with the proposal.

  • When the proposals are received, you need to pick the winner. We will notify you about that.

  • When the choice is made and the supplier is put on the list – the person in charge of orders can create an order with the goods and prices of the winning bid.

Send request for proposal to supplier that is not included in the list of approved suppliers.

This feature is used when:

  • The company’s supplier base may not cover all requirements, but the supplier should be chosen to make purchase done.

How it works in Precoro:

  • When creating a request for proposals, you can simply enter the name of the provider and the email in the form, if it is not in the database.

  • Suppliers will receive an email with a link to the form to complete the proposal and the responsible person determines the winner.

  • If the winner has not yet been added to the list of approved suppliers, the system will redirect you to fill out a standard form with information about the supplier.


Mass creation of budgets for all locations, with the distribution of the sum by locations.

When creating a new budget, you can edit amount for each location and choose for which locations it will be created. Mass creation of budget works from one simple form.

Limit the ability to create an order if the budget is exceeded.

How does it work:

  • In the company’s settings, tick “Limit order by budget” checkbox.

  • The user will not be able to confirm the order, which is beyond the budget.

The buyer can cancel goods that have already been approved at order creation stage.

Now you can delete items when creating an order from the queries.

We are growing every day and we want your business to grow with us – try new functions in action!

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