Each company that deals with procurement, aims to achieve the greatest efficiency in this process.

We publish an interview with Precoro’s customer support manager Ruslan Uvarovsky, where the barriers that stand in the way of achieving this goal were discussed, and how to overcome them.

The expert said that the first it was necessary to analyze what issues companies often faced.

The key among them are:

1. The absence of full control over the procurement process for the management.

2. Time spendings for performing the same type of “manual” operations in the report creation, a greater probability of error in this process.

3. Difficulty in analyzing the procurement process.

4. The difficulty in choosing the right supplier while creating an order in a certain category.

Ruslan Uvarovsky said that way to solve the above problems was to automate the procurement process using a special tool. It would help to build a transparent and controlled procurement process, namely:

  • the creation of a limited catalog of goods from which you can create a purchase request for the necessary item of trade.

  • the creation of a supplier database that would help you to choose the most profitable of the existing categories when ordering a product.

  • the reduction of the workflow by reformating reports to electronic format.

  • the preservation of the entire history of purchases in the program – this would help to easily analyze.

When it comes to choosing a tool for automation, it is important to take into account such its features:

1. A high degree of automation of the stages of procurement – from the purchase request creation to the payment of bills.

2. Individual approach to the problems of each company in the tool development.

3. Speed in the process of platform developing and its integration into the company.

4. Easy to use for company employees.

“The mentioned problems and ways to solve them give bases to argue that the secret of effective procurement for your business is full automation of this process with help of the right tool,” – Ruslan Uvarovsky said.


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