Manual data entry is the transfer of information from physical sources to electronic sources. The process of entering information requires constant attention, concentration and self-discipline, as it takes a lot of time and energy from employees.

People who often face this type of activity mark the following disadvantages:

Errors in accuracy

The accuracy of the information provided is a premise for a successful business.

The accuracy of data performs a key role for companies whose activities are related to trade. The procurement process necessarily includes the filling various forms in.

Even seemingly insignificant errors can cause considerable damage to the business. Incorrect interpretation of information, inattention to detail – all this often lead to irreversible losses and badly affects both the reputation and financial position of the company.


The employee created an order to the supplier manually. Filling in the form of the order, the employee made a mistake, but the data has already entered into the system. Since the error was not noticed by anybody, it is impossible to correct the entered information.

Let’s imagine, a colleague sent the customer the wrong bill for the service provided by the company (instead of $ 1000 wrote $ 100). What happens after?

The company loses money because of the employee’s inattention. Even small mistakes can lead to huge damage. If an employee has pointed an incorrect location or a supplier is entangled, unexpected expenses, loss of customers and waste of time can’t be avoided.

To hire specialists for manual data entry will cost more than the purchasing software.

Low speed of input

Even if you own a certificate for speedy typing, it has no sense to compete with the software. You can realize the need for such a software while working with huge projects or when the deadline is coming soon.

Now the need for manual data entry is minimized – cloud services easily take on this work.

With cloud solutions, you not only save time and money, but also minimize the possibility of errors in the documents, as all the operations for filling in the information are automated.


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