It often happens that people who work in the field of procurement for a long time want to fast-track their way up the corporate ladder. Beginners in the field of procurement also frequently strive to retrain. Development of certain skills can significantly help the purchasing agent get a raise and become a professional in his or her field. Let’s consider some of the most important ones.

Professional Skills

Skills that demonstrate professional qualifications can be measured and clearly assessed. Professional skills usually include the foreign language proficiency, knowledge of programming language, software skills, etc. Description of these skills in CV attracts HR and significantly increases your chances of getting the desired job.

Purchasing directors note that analytical skills are vital for most managers due to the reason that purchaser’s work comprises both satisfaction with the company interests and customer satisfaction. In addition, manager’s responsibilities include cost control, performance evaluation of employees, communication with suppliers and quality control of goods.

Personal Qualities

The second group of skills represents personal qualities. They include teamwork, professionalism, and responsibility. Evaluation of personal qualities is more difficult than evaluation of professional skills. Professional buyers say that to be an effective worker, purchasing manager should possess such skills as sociability and the ability to influence people.

Proficient purchasing agent should possess good communication skills since various kinds of misunderstanding and confusion can lead to loss of money and time. Furthermore, sociability is helpful in dealing with suppliers and in maintaining a favorable atmosphere in the company.


Development of professional and personal qualities is necessary for successful purchasing agent’s career. They will improve mutual understanding with colleagues and suppliers as well as help in career development. Boost your procurement efficiency applying our recommendations – they will surely increase customer confidence in you!

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