Purchase request – what is it?

A significant part of raw products / materials / services necessary for the company may be absent, which means it must be purchased. In order to plan and purchase carefully, it is important to begin the process with formation of a purchase request.

A purchase request is a standardized form that is filled by an employee to inform a responsible manager or department that they need to receive certain goods or services.

What information is contained in the purchase request?

The mandatory data in such a document is the date of desirable receipt, as well as the name and quantity of goods. Due to the process, a company can also add other fields for filling to this form (e.g. category of goods, items cost, etc.).


Purchase requests are actively used in companies where 2 or more employees take part in the purchasing process. For companies that purchase goods / services for different departments / offices / warehouses, Requests are also quite useful.

Let’s consider the use of purchase requests due to an example of an IT company with 3 offices in different cities.

The purchase department is located in the central office, but purchasing itself is also regularly carried out for administrative and marketing departments in other cities.

In the area of purchasing, the administrative department is responsible for providing the office with water, food, stationery, household goods, cleaning, etc.), and the marketing one – for promotion of the company (business souvenirs, advertising).

At the same time, each purchase is approved at the beginning by a local manager, and then transmitted to the central office.

How to track the departments needs in each office? How to set up communication between all the participants? How and when to plan a purchase? How to effectively allocate the budget for each office?

All these questions will be solved by purchasing requests:

1. If there is a need (a banner for an event or just an ordinary pen), an employee forms a   request for the purchase and passes it to the local responsible manager.

2. The manager verifies the request (e.g. within the relevance / budget) and rejects / edits / validates it.

3. Upon approval of the local manager, a request enters the central purchasing department, where it is considered and included to the purchasing.


Creating a purchase request allows the company:

  • to meet the needs of all the company employees in terms of purchase;
  • to understand clearly what and how much of the materials are to be purchased;
  • to minimize labour costs for the preparation, verification and approval of purchase orders;
  • to draw up a purchase plan for the period;
  • to control easily the purchase budget in the context of individual departments / customers.

Manual creation of requests, communication between requests initiators and approvers, understanding of the request actual status usually cause a lot of difficulties for companies. In order to set up an easy and, at the same time, accurate process, the creation and approval of purchase requests was automated in Precoro.

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