Where to begin?

First of all you need to understand what kind of process you want to build.

If you have any questions on how to build the process, read previous articles which highlight the best tips.

After that it is necessary to configure basic settings, such as: Information about the company, list of locations / offices / departments and the list of legal entities.

Select Settings-> General.

1.   Here you can add basic information about the company. All required fields are marked with “*”. If you upload a company logo, it will be inserted into your purchase order.

2.   On the next tab you need to set the company’s main currency and select additional ones. The main currency of the company is the one which you use to conduct mutual payments inside the country or the currency which represents all cash kept by the company. If you have suppliers whose prices are in another foreign currency, you can add it as an additional currency. It will allow you to download the catalog to the vendor in the specific currency.

Please note, that all amounts in Precoro will be recalculated to the company’s main currency automatically according to the international Yahoo exchange rate. If necessary, you can turn off the automatic calculation of exchange rates and enter this indicator on your own.

3.  On all other tabs you can customize Precoro functions which will meet all your and your company requirements and needs.

For example, according to chosen process, you do not need to use “Delivery” of goods or services. To disable you just need to switch the Delivery tab to the Off position.

4.  It is very important to install languages for documents. You can do this on the “Other” tab. At the moment you can choose among 3 available languages: Russian, Ukrainian and English.

When you configure basic settings, customize the locations and user settings.

What should you know about the Locations?

1.  Locations represent your offices, warehouses, departments, floors of the building, etc.

2.  In Precoro, locations are used to separate users and display information structurally on purchases in the analytics.

3.  There you can customize your approval process and the list of legal entities.

How to add a location?

1.  Select Settings -> Manage Locations

2.  Click “Add a location” and fill in the information.

3.   All required fields are marked with “*”.

4.   If you want to bind a legal entity to the location, add it like it was described into the “Manage Suppliers” -> “”Manage Legal entities” and choose it for a specific location.

What should you know about the user?

1.  A user represents one access to a web service.

2.  The cost for using Precoro web service is calculated based on the number of active users.

3.  You can limit access to the functionality for each user. You can do this with the help of Roles.

4.  Another limitation for users is the access to the catalog. You can limit it using the Product Groups.

How to create a new user?

1.  Select Settings -> Manage Locations

2.  Click “Add a user” and fill in the information.

How can I limit access to the functionality and catalog for particular users?

1.  If you want to limit access to locations, switch to the “Off” position on the “Locations” tab on the page of specific user  and mark the locations which will be available.

2.  Customize Product Groups in order to limit access to the catalog.

3.  Choose only necessary items on the Roles tab with the purpose to limit access to some functions. Below you can find a list of roles with a functional designation.

These roles allow you to create particular requests or documents:

1.  Receive Request

2.  Purchase Request

3.  Purchase Order

4.  Receive

5.  Pay Request

These roles allow you to approve requests (in addition to the role you need to configure the approval process so that the user can approve the request):

1.  Receive Request Approval

2.  Purchase Request Approval

3.  Purchase Order Approval

4.  Pay Request Approval

Other roles:

1.  Payment. It allows you to pay for an approved request

2.  Reports. Users can create and download reports with its help.

3.  Settings. It provides an opportunity to manage users, locations, attributes, configure the approval process

4.  Manage Suppliers. It allows you to manage the list of suppliers, their contracts and catalogs

5.  Budgets. It is used for creation budgets and track their implementation


If you want the budget manager to be notified of each purchase order and have access to changes in the purchase amount, configure these settings of the approval process  and add the user who manages the budgets.

What should you know about legal entities and how can they be used?

If you add information about your legal entities to Precoro, you can indicate them in the procurement order with the purpose to inform the supplier about the person who will be responsible for paying the bill. 

Procure smarter