Analyzing the company’s spendings you can determine the sources for maintaining the life of the office. If you find expedient expenses, you can not only eliminate them with the help of automation and control of purchases but also take care of the environment.

5 tips for “going green”:

1. Less paper in the office

One of the ways to become “green” is to refuse paper docs.

Cloud solutions and scanning of required documents reduce the paper waste. Moving to a cloud service will reduce the purchase of paper for printing and copying by half during the year.

2. Reusable products

For “going green” pay attention to reusable products. Consumers often use the “green” options that are provided to them or available for purchase at the lowest price.

3. The water filtration system installation

Many companies offer customers a bottle of water as a courtesy. But not all the plastic bottles are recyclable. According to statistics, 25% of bottled water is water from the municipal water supply. Basically, it’s just filtered tap water.

So, instead of spending money on bottled water, install a water filtration system at the office to cut costs and help the environment.

4. Public utilities

For large enterprises utility costs are typically thousands of dollars per month.

You can reduce the cost of utilities by replacing the fixtures with energy efficient fixtures with LED bulbs. They can work about 20 years.

5. Carpooling or ridesharing

The employees’ transportation or using public transport lead the office contributes to the reduction of atmospheric pollution. Companies that provide incentives for collective using cars or public transport promote ecological principles. This activity improves the quality of the air and helps team building.


Most non-environmental spendings are inefficient purchases.

Automation and control of purchases will not only help to reduce spendings, but also contribute to improving the environment. Special software will help to determine expenses and save time on the coordination of purchases. The Precoro cloud-based solution is a tool for calculating spendings and controlling non-environmental expenses.

Procure smarter