The procurement automation opens new opportunities for coordinated work in the supplier-procurement manager chain. Optimized tools help to save not only time and money, but also are the step for the further growth of the company. Cloud-based software is several times cheaper than software installed on a computer. It makes it a popular solution in small and medium business. You only need to set up a cloud-based program once, so that it becomes available to the entire team.

The advantage of the cloud service is that you can connect to it not only from a computer, but also from other devices with a web browser: a mobile phone, a tablet, a laptop. Purchasing management with the cloud service does not bind the purchaser to one location. Using a cloud solution, managers don’t worry about the timely approval of orders when they are out of the office or on a business trip.

Precoro users control the procurement process from creating a request to receiving a product/service or payment.

Precoro has all the advantages of cloud solutions:

  • Access to data in real time

  • Simplify collaboration

  • Minimizing costs

  • Data loss protection

At Precoro the function “Approve on the go” is realized in this way:

The user receives a new order for e-mail, which must either be accepted or rejected. Using a smartphone with an Internet connection, the user can make a decision without being in the office. You need only the Internet and to be logged in at Precoro.

The procurement process optimization by using cloud solutions allows you to conduct business anywhere. This significantly saves resources and makes purchases transparent.

For managers who often go on business trips, constant control over purchases is extremely important. Purchasing management with a smartphone or other device with access to the Internet, helps to keep up to date.

Procure smarter