Microsoft Corp. has done the great work to train hundreds of millions of people for what the office software is. It’s really complex to meet the person who can’t use Microsoft Office software package. Companies optimize and transform functions of Excel and use it in different business areas to retain different databases.

Who uses Excel and how?

The most often the extension of Excel functionality is initiated by representatives of medium-sized businesses. After the company reaches a certain scale and the number of employees increases – the new departments are created. In such companies, communications and data control go to a new level of priority.

New user requirements build a demand for software optimization. Small and medium-sized businesses representatives are motivated to replace the old tools in using Excel.

Why do they optimize Excel?

At some moment the work process of an organization in Excel becomes cumbersome and negatively reflected on productivity. Initiative and technically competent representatives of medium-sized businesses are motivated to buy effective software from IT companies that meet their demands.

What are the alternatives for automation?

Sales departments to automate their work replace Excel with cloud CRM-systems: Infusionsoft,, etc.

Infusionsoft offers tools for effective communication with the client and most often it is used in the restaurant and hotel business. is the leader among the providers of CRM services for cloud computing and serves a wide range of business sectors.

Cloud software Precoro aims to optimize the procurement process and spendings control. The solution saves time for financial directors, since it simplifies the processing and collection of orders from internal users, as well as the coordination of purchases. Users of such software have refused Excel-tables or paper documents.

Procure smarter